Ottawa-based team of HR and Staffing consultants providing services to the Government of Canada (GoC).

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Fasttrack Staffing

Fast Track Staffing Inc. provides Human Resources consulting services with a focus on completing efficient, accurate and high quality HR processes.

Fast Results

Staffing processes completed in weeks rather than months

Quality Work

Our staff are trained on GoC-specific staffing requirements

Full Team

Though you are hiring specific consultants from the team, they are supported by the corporate knowledge and expertise of the full team

Who we are

Fasttrack Staffing

Your staffing processes : Done right. Done Fast. Every time.

Government Staffing Made Easy

Ottawa-based consulting firm that delivers bilingual HR services and expertise exclusively to Federal Government clients.

We Don't Just Do Staffing!

Our team of consultants offer a range of bilingual HR services including Staffing Processes, Classification, HR Strategy Development, Candidate Coaching and more.


Company Track Record for last Fiscal Year 2023-24


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No. of staffing processes run last FY. Includes processes for the following groups and classifications :


No. of federal departments worked with last FY

With our dedicated team and intimate knowledge of Governmental workings your next HR Staffing process will be a guaranteed success.

Ready to fast-track your staffing needs? Contact us now!
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Ready to fast-track your staffing needs? Contact us now!

Net-Zero Challenge
49 Solutions and Fasttrack Staffing recognize the urgent need for action to address climate change and its profound impact on our communities. As a proud participant of the Net Zero Challenge, our company pledges to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. This commitment signifies our dedication to significantly reducing our carbon footprint across all aspects of our operations. Addressing climate change requires collective effort. It is through united action that we can create a more sustainable future.